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Post  {MsM}GOA.Pun on Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:08 pm

Hello and Welcome to the MsM UO Spiritual & Faith Discussions Section:

This is a section were we can discuss our Spirituality, give our Testimonies and make prayer request.

We ask that you only post sincere statements and prayer request in this section.
Please remember that many Faiths exist among our viewers and registered users.

Although we base the mission statement of this section on the Faith and Beliefs of Christianity it is not limited to only discussions of the Christian Faith however we do also ask you to please NEVER make Judgments concerning that which is posted here but simply share your Spiritual convictions. We have not set up this section to debate our beliefs in God with anyone or the way one should believe. Arguing will not be permitted. This section is set aside for anyone no matter what their denomination or faith to tell us how God has blessed, changed and help you along your way.

Mission Statement: To share in the word of the Almighty Living God and reach those that are lost and do not know Jesus Christ. To gently and lovingly share what our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have taught us.

The MsM UO Admin reserve the right to delete any post that it feels is judgmental or off base or dis-colorful and also reserves the right to ban or delete any user of this forum who mock or strongly criticizes another in this section of the forum.

There is no way that one can TRULY share the love of God with another while in debate over one's beliefs.


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